Welcome to Sportseed Learning Management System (SELMS)

Sportseed is a professional services organization dedicated to promoting the Olympic Spirit (viz. Peace, Friendship, Fairplay, Honour and Glory) in children and youth. We work with children and youth through schools, educational institutions, sports clubs and resident communities to get them to play and cultivate the Olympic Spirit. Visit our main website www.sportseed.in to know more about Sporteed. 

Target audience of this site

  1. Schools (management, teachers and students) participating in the Sports Integrate program
  2. Individual sports persons who have opted for independent online course - You can request for a course by mailing us on contactus@sportseed.in
  3. Sports educators (coaches, PE teachers etc) who are undergoing the Sports Teach program 

What does this site contain?

This site hosts our learning management system and contains

  1. Graded lesson plans for various Olympic sports. (See below for which sports etc)
  2. Assessment and evaluation system for students and educators undertaking various courses with Sportseed

How do I get access to the sports coaching content on this site?

You may request for a course by mailing us on contactus@sportseed.in giving us details of your requirement and we will get back to you.

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